Create content from anywhere, and distribute it globally

Enhance your live channel production capabilities with Janya, a cloud-based playout platform for live production, video clipping, editing, publishing, distribution and monetization.

Truly Agile Cloud Playout

Run 24X7 linear channels for traditional TVs & OTT Apps.

User friendly Interface

Completely virtual, intuitive and highly customizable web app.

Automation Driven Playout

Automated scheduling, delivery, and monitoring

Advanced graphics

Multi-layered dynamic graphics template for live.

Multi Channel switching

Ideal choice for handling live event using cloud playout.

24X7 Support

Dedicated team to assist you with live production.

A complete cloud playout solution
for your business

Launch linear TV channels in minutes instead of months with well-crafted media asset management and edge delivery infrastructure.

Fastest Deployment

Easy to configure and allows hassle-free dynamic channel deployments within a few minutes.

Robust & Scalable

Seamlessly provide control for tens or hundreds of live channels, as well as customized content.

Superior Efficiency

Highly optimized scheduling workflows, emergency content playout setup, and easy live & VOD switching during playback.

Secure & Reliable

Role-based access, 1+1 redundant servers, public cloud infrastructure, and no single point of failure.

Our Products

Janya offers a wide range of products that simplifies creating, managing and delivering graphics-rich content on automated playout channels.

Cloud Playout

Upload content, create & schedule playlists and publish live channels.

Media Gateway

Repurpose the content library and distribute it to multiple platforms.

Dynamic Ad insertion

Monetize content with Janya's Dynamic Ad insertion tool.

Cloud Studio & Video Editor

Create clips, add multilayered graphics and publish content.

Cloud Producer

Create, manage, and distribute live video production on the cloud.

Cloud News Platform

Broadcast live from your studio. Complete control over production.

Our Customers

Janya's cloud playout solutions have been trusted by leaders and innovators. From broadcasters and media networks to content creators and streaming platforms, our customers represent the forefront of the media and entertainment landscape.

Our Solutions

We provide custom solutions for various business verticals within the media and broadcast industry. Explore our solutions to understand how your business can benefit from Janya's expertise.

Our Partners

We have partnered with industry veterans who are specialised in their respective segments of live channel broadcasting to offer a comprehensive solution to our customers.

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