Cloud Studio & Video Editor

Create clips, add advanced graphics and publish immediately. Get them all done remotely with Janya's Cloud-native video editor.

Fast and flexible video editor

Repurpose the content library with Janya's intuitive and user-friendly video editor. Create sports highlights, video compilations, and viral social media clips.

  • Simplified video editing Editing your video content shouldn't be complex. Our simplified video editing workflow is easy to use and can be mastered quickly by anyone.
  • Edit from anywhere With Janya's cloud-based video editing platform, you can efficiently collaborate with your team from anywhere in the world.

On the fly live Video editing

Make your live event much more interesting by generating and distributing video segments featuring advanced graphics of the live feed in real time.

  • Record live feed
    To produce video clips, you can record a live event as it happens. Every minute of the live broadcast will be captured during the transmission and available for editing almost instantaneously.

Multi-layered graphic overlays

Insert multi-layer graphics such as text, images, and videos to create a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience. Our video editor platform offers greater flexibility and creativity in the design of on-screen graphics and can be used for weather forecasts, sports scores, and social media feeds.

Powerful tools at your disposal

  • Automated transcriptions
    Videos with closed captions have a wide reach in terms of viewer engagement. Use our integrated auto-transcription tools and dynamically generate speech-to-text captions for your videos in multiple languages.
  • Share video clips
    Directly publish your video clips on social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube shorts with MP4 support. We have all the necessary integrations in place for you to seamlessly distribute your content.

Create a premium viewing experience!

Get creative using Janya's cloud studio and video editing platform. Offer a highly engaging live broadcast to your viewers.