Cloud Producer

Create, manage and distribute your live video production to millions of viewers across the globe.

Launch 24X7 linear channels

  • Broadcast in HD
    Our cloud Producer platform delivers high-definition video output in multiple video protocols, including RTMP, RTP, HLS (ABR/CBR), SRT, ZIXI, and RTSP.
  • Distribute to Multiple Destinations
    Broadcast live video directly to various social media, over-the-top (OTT) services, and television platforms to expand the reach and distribution of your video content across multiple platforms and devices.

Add guests from anywhere

Janya Cloud Producer supports multi-camera inputs and Live feed input formats, including RTMP, WebRTC, NDI, and HLS input feeds.

  • Invite guests remotely
    You can host up to 6 guests from anywhere in the world in a single broadcast. Just share a WebRTC input video URL with your guests and request them to join using any device with a camera & microphone that is connected to the internet.
  • Control guest appearances
    With the advantage of cloud-based technology, manage guest appearances remotely. Add custom graphics specific to each guest and have complete control over your guest's audio and video input lines.

Instantly switch between Live feed sources

Enhance the live streaming experience for your viewers by seamlessly broadcasting live feeds from multiple sources.

  • Add multiple video sources Easily configure multiple live feeds from cameras on location, remote participants, or portable field equipment. Janya supports RTMP, WebRTC, NDI, and HLS input feeds.
  • Switch, Preview & Publish Effortlessly switch to different input feeds, preview the output in the preview window, select a smooth transition effect and publish the live stream.

Run Polls & Surveys in realtime

  • Interactive Live broadcast
    Maximise the engagement on your live broadcast by conducting polls & surveys in realtime with ease. Configure the desired questions & choices and let the viewers submit their responses. Our platform captures viewers' responses and transmits them in the live broadcast. Additionally, you can control the display styling of poll/survey results before publishing them.

Insert graphics overlay on live feeds

Drag & drop graphics overlay such as Bug, Aston, L-band etc. Insert customized multi-layered graphics for individual video sources.

  • Creating branded experiences
    With Janya's media group feature, add custom graphic overlays to each live input feeds separately, allowing you to create and publish branded experiences in real-time based on the input sources.

Studio experience on Cloud

You no longer need a capital-heavy infrastructure to achieve studio-level broadcast experience when you can provide the same with Janya's cloud producer at a much lower cost.

  • On-Air communication
    You don't need a specialized hardware setup to manage on-air communication when it can be easily done from our web app with a click of a button. Have private conversations with your guests on-air using talkbacks without interfering with the live broadcast.
  • Preview before Live Create virtual green rooms and preview live output to check for audio and video qualities of each guest before going on-air.

Social Media Publishing

Publish your live feed on social media platforms with a single click.

  • Real-time distribution Janya has successfully integrated with major social media platforms such as Facebook and youtube for directly publishing live feeds in real-time. We do provide tailored integration solutions to broadcast content on any platform of your choice.

Launch your live channel on cloud!

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