Dynamic Ad Insertion

Monetize your content library with Janya's Dynamic ad insertion. Yield incremental revenue through personalised advertising.

Automated Ad Detection & Insertion

Automatically identify Ads in the Live feed and replace them with personalized Ads. Janya uses Server-Side-Ad-insertion (SSAI) and dynamically stitches Ads into the live stream.

  • Truly personalised advertising
    Replace SCTE slots with programmatic or spot based ads. Deliver highly personalized Ads specific to your viewer's demographic and location.
  • 100% Ad Delivery rate
    Ads are dynamically stitched into the live stream (as opposed to pre-roll or post-roll ), which eliminates the dependencies on devices and players to support Ads. Ensures zero latency between your Ads and content.

Dynamic Ad Delivery at scale

Monetize your content now!

Take advantage of Janya's Dynamic Ad Insertions tech stack and maximize your revenue.