Entertainment with Janya

Move beyond conventional programming and offer engaging multi-platform video experiences in the cloud.

24X7 entertainment linear channels

  • Broadcast in HD
    Delivers high-definition video output in multiple video protocols, including RTMP, RTP, HLS (ABR/CBR), SRT, ZIXI, and RTSP.
  • Robust MAM
    Bulk upload all your content with ease, from Videos, Movies, subtitles, image assets etc. Assets are processed and automatically validated for media playability.

Full-fledged cloud playout solution

Monetize with Ad insertion

Janya employs Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) and seamlessly integrates ads into the live stream. With dynamic ad stitching, dependencies on devices and players to show ads are eliminated, providing a seamless experience with no latency between ads and content.

Deliver personalised advertising to your viewers by replacing the Ads in the live feed with custom ads.

Deliver Regional content

Replace slots in live stream with the hyper local content. Create multiple regional/country-specific channels and customize your live stream slots with local content suitable for your target audience. Enables to efficiently venture into new markets and expand your presence in existing ones.

Everywhere, all at once

Seamlessly convert input media into multiple outputs with different protocols. Janya offers compatible distribution streaming solutions across numerous platforms. Publish live videos directly to social media platforms, OTT services and TV platforms. Maximize your video distribution regardless of platform or device.

Focus on creating amazing content!

We will take care of your video ecosystem while you are busy creating exciting content for your viewers.