Cloud Playout

All-in-one platform for creating, managing, publishing, distributing and monitoring all your linear cloud playout channels from anywhere.

Robust media asset management

Bulk upload all your content into Janya with ease, from Videos, Movies, subtitles, image assets etc.

  • Manual & Automated Ingest Upload assets either manually using Janya's user-friendly dashboard or directly via FTP, SFTP, Azure, AWS S3, etc.
  • Supports Multiple formats Janya supports multiple file formats including MOV, AVI, MP4, MPEG, M2V, MPG and more.
  • Built-in Quality Check As soon as your files are ingested by Janya, our in-built quality control system verifies the content for media playability and notifies you in case of any issues.
  • Comprehensive Asset Management Once your assets are processed and ready, you can preview content, edit metadata, content tagging, create segmentation, add subtitles etc.

Highly flexible Scheduler

Create playlists and schedule the programs based on your content calendar. With Janya, you can create a continuous playlist for 24hrs with programs, Ads, and Advanced graphics.

  • Manage Playlists Create daily/weekly playlist in advance by just drag & dropping the assets into the playlist. Insert Ad cues, metadata, and graphics, set up emergency content, split into segments, and so on.
  • Import Playlists Janya supports playlists import from EPG, XML-EPG and BATS native playlists. Once the playlists are imported the system identifies the missing content and alerts you. You can either add the missing content or replace it with another one.

Advanced graphics for video feed

Create multi-layered dynamic graphics template. Supports rich video effect features such as L-band, Tickers, Full frame video assets, Floating media, Picture in Picture effects, IP, Countdown timers and more.

Efficient cloud playout

Deliver automated playout channels with graphics-rich content to your viewers may it be via traditional broadcast tools, FAST platforms, IPTV, or Satellite.

  • Playout formats Supports playout output in RTMP, RTP, HLS (ABR/CBR), SRT, ZIXI, and RTSP.
  • Append Playlist in realtime while its being broadcasted. Add/edit graphics template, Commercials, swap upcoming content, instant force play content etc.
  • Ingest Live feed from multiple sources simultaneously provided over RTMP, WebRTC, and HLS.
  • Switch to Live seamlessly switch between live feed and VOD content in a single click.
  • Live Recording Schedule and record incoming live feeds, which then can be used to repeat the programs with mark-in/outs.

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