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Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) is the latest happening in the media and entertainment industry. Learn all about them at Janya FAST centre.

Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST)

FAST is rapidly becoming the standard for linear content globally, overtaking cable TV. At the Janya FAST Center, you can stay up to date on the latest developments in this rapidly changing media industry and create a successful FAST business from experts in the field.

In-stream advertisements are the primary source of revenue in FAST channels.

Lower churn rate and higher engagement. It's free for everyone.

Efficiently repurpose content library & run multiple channels for incremental revenue.

Swiftly adopted by broadcasters & content owners. Highly cost-effective & easy to operate

Trifecta of FAST Platforms

Efficient Playout

A robust yet highly flexible cloud-native scheduler and playout solution forms the foundation of a successful FAST channel.

Ad Monetization

Generate maximum revenue from the content with a scalable Ad insertion solution that can deliver personalized advertising.


Integrate with distribution platforms and deliver linear content to millions of viewers across the globe simultaneously.

Launch FAST channels on cloud with Janya

We offer a comprehensive solution for FAST channel creation, monetization and distribution.

Flexible scheduler, playout

Create/import playlists and schedule the programs based on your content calendar. Supports playout output in RTMP, RTP, HLS (ABR/CBR), SRT, ZIXI, and RTSP.

Multi-layered graphics

Insert multi-layered dynamic graphics. Supports rich video effect features such as L-band, Tickers, Full frame video assets, Floating media, Picture in Picture effects, IP, Countdown timers and more.

Dynamic Ad insertion

Seamlessly integrate ads into your live feed. Deliver personalised advertising to your viewers by dynamically replacing the Ads in the live feed with custom ads.

Regional Playout

Replace slots in the live stream with hyper-local content. Create multiple regional channels and customize your live stream slots with local content suitable for your target audience.

Content Distribution

Offers compatible streaming distribution solutions across multiple platforms. Publish live videos directly to social media platforms, OTT services and TV platforms. Maximize your video distribution regardless of platform or device.

Ready to launch your FAST Channels?

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