Sports with Janya

Broadcast live sports and create immediate highlights without requiring a professional studio or agency.

Robust Live playout on cloud

  • High-quality Sports broadcast
    Janya supports high definition (HD broadcasting with added features such as graphic overlays, data visualisations, branding, video assets, and remote guests to produce compelling and interactive programming. Built at scale for millions of viewers.​
  • Live interactions
    Maximize viewer engagement by conducting real-time polls and Q&As with the fans. Janya instantly captures the viewer's responses and incorporates them into the live broadcast.

Intuitive tools for sports broadcast

  • Multi-camera switching
    With Janya, you can quickly set up multiple live feeds from cameras on-site, remote participants, or portable field equipment and seamlessly switch between multiple inputs during Live. Our platform supports RTMP, WebRTC, NDI, and HLS as input sources.
  • Scoreboard overlays
    Embed scoreboards with multi-layered graphics into your live feed. Create and manage custom graphics or choose from Janya's contemporary scoreboard templates.

Highly optimized workflow

  • Remote collaboration
    Add guests from any where. Recruit remote commentators for your sports event and publish the live output with ultra-low latency.
  • Sports Highlights
    Record your live feed, create video clips, add advanced graphics and publish it immediately on social media platforms. Be the first to promote your content.

Looking for a cloud playout partner?

Let's talk. We can help create exciting sports broadcasts for your viewers.