Media Gateway

Create your content once and distribute it on multiple platforms, and further tailor your content to the specific audience of each platform.

Broadcast on multiple platforms simultaneously

Seamlessly convert input media into multiple outputs with different protocols. Janya offers a compatible distribution stream across multiple platforms.

  • All at once
    Easily broadcast live stream to multiple platforms using a single platform with just a click.
  • Live Simulcasting
    Publish live video directly to social media platforms, OTT services and TV platforms. Maximize your video distribution regardless of platform or device.

Easily configure publish to multiple platforms

Configure as many as platforms you would like to publish. Janya's highly customizable workflow ensures that your business needs are met at all times.

  • Repurpose your content
    Directly publish your live broadcast to multiple platforms or record your live feed and create clips, which can be published on all or selective social media platforms enabling to maximize viewer engagement.

Serve content relevant to your audience

Replace slots in the live stream with hyper-local content. Create multiple regional/country-specific channels and customize your live stream slots with local content suitable for your target audience.

  • Target new markets
    With Janya's regional playout features you can now distribute relevant content to the regional audience on multiple platforms simultaneously. Enables you to efficiently venture into new markets and expand your presence in existing ones. Further provides you complete control over what your viewers watch.

Interested in Janya Media Gateway?

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