Janya is Your Perfect Cloud Playout Solution

February 27, 2023

Gone are the days when it used to be a tedious task to launch a linear TV channel operating full-scale. Thanks to the cloud playout that it is easy and effective. A few tech companies have developed cost-effective playout solutions to offer cloud-based playout solutions and provide customized services to content owners, news broadcasters, OTT service providers, sports federations, and other media houses to distribute, broadcast, and monetize their content. Janya is one such cloud-based playout platform designed for live production, video clipping, editing, publishing, distribution, and monetization. Content owners can now just sit back and watch their content reaching places through automated cloud-native tools.


What is cloud playout?

Cloud playout is an advanced technology that completely transforms how television content is broadcast and allows broadcasters to distribute content over the internet to viewers. Unlike traditional broadcasting where playout servers are utilized to transmit content, cloud playout delivers content to a wider audience through a cloud-based server which is easy and cost-effective. So by using cloud playout, broadcasters don’t have to invest in expensive hardware like playout servers but use cost-effective cloud-based service which provides necessary features and functions.

Cloud playout has several advantages over traditional broadcasting. In conventional broadcasting, the hardware has a limit and restrictions based on its capacity. However, cloud playout broadcasters can easily scale up or bring down their transmission capacity based on demand.

There is a greater level of flexibility and mobility in cloud playout. Since content is stored in the cloud and transmitted through the internet, it is easy to deliver content to any part of the world and easily accessible from anywhere across the globe. Also, cloud playout offers customized services, so broadcasters generally pay for only what they need. 


Why Janya?

Janya is a cloud-based playout platform launched by YuppTV, one of the world’s largest service providers to stream South-Asian content globally. Due to YuppTV’s extensive experience in streaming and enormous reach across the world, Janya has several advantages over other solutions. Janya is here to revolutionize linear broadcast systems using automated cloud-native tools which are cost-effective and easy to operate for Content owners, News broadcasters, OTT service providers, and many others. Janya helps customers to create content, edit, monetize, distribute, and broadcast high-quality channels using a single cloud-based web application. This lets the audience enjoy seamless streaming and an enhanced viewing experience.

 Janya offers services such as

  1. An absolute agile cloud playout
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Automation driven playout.
  4. Advanced graphics
  5. Multi-channel switching
  6. Customer support all through the day

Janya is a perfect playout solution for all end-to-end broadcasting needs and offers a wide variety of products that eases creating, managing, and delivering graphics-rich content on automated playout channels. While it is easy to integrate and configure, it also provides hassle-free dynamic channel deployments in just a few minutes. Janya is robust and scalable by providing seamless control over any number of live channels and customized content. With Janya’s Dynamic Ad insertion tool, customers can monetize their

If you are looking out for a complete broadcasting solution, check out Janya’s website https://www.janya.video and request a free demo. 

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