Launch Your Own Linear Channel

February 27, 2023

Content consumption has changed drastically over the last few years, be it movies, web series, TV shows, live news, or sports. OTT platforms, Live TV streaming services and broadcasting services continue to drive the rapid growth of content consumption. The availability of smart televisions, smartphones and other internet-enabled devices is the main reason for massive content consumption. Today, many OTT platforms and streaming channels offer a plethora of exciting content across genres and generations. Most of them adopt flexible technologies and solutions to overcome the complications and challenges in video streaming. Due to these solutions, video streaming has become much easier and more affordable and also serves the customized needs of broadcasters. This is all possible because of Cloud Playout, the latest solution for all broadcasting needs. This article will give you an overview of Cloud Playout and the best available Cloud-based playout platform.

So if you are planning to launch your own linear channel but are worried about the challenges during the process, here’s some good news for you. The whole method of broadcasting is now simplified, customized, and tailor-made to meet your needs. All you need is some content, and a cloud playout solution like Janya will take care of the content bundling added with analytics, monetization and 24×7 support. Besides being easy and low-cost, Janya is super efficient, so you no longer have to worry about execution. 

A typical broadcast channel requires expensive hardware and involves much complexity. It has several limitations and is tough to customize based on present and future needs and outcomes. But a cloud-based playout platform like Janya will reduce hardware expenditure, saves time, and relieves effort. With Cloud Playout, one can effortlessly and efficiently set up a virtual television channel, package it and stream it in any part of the world. Cloud Playout technology makes it easy to deliver a seamless video streaming experience and provides an enriched viewing experience. Because the content is on cloud storage, it is easy to access and control it from anywhere and on all devices. 

Listed below are some of Janya’s products that offer end-to-end services in broadcasting:

Cloud Playout

Janya’s in-built quality control system will check the uploaded content and notifies if an issue arises. After processing, you can preview content, edit metadata, content tagging, create segmentation, add subtitles, etc.

Media Publish

Input media is converted into multiple outputs, streams across multiple platforms, and publishes your live broadcast.

Ad Insertion

Janya will identify Ads in the Live feed and replaces them with personalized Ads. Its Server-Side-Ad-insertion (SSAI) dynamically stitches Ads into the live stream.

Cloud Studio & Video Editor

Janya’s Cloud-native video editor creates clips, adds advanced graphics, and publishes instantly. Make your live event more interesting with sports highlights, video compilations, and viral social media clips.

Cloud Producer

It delivers high-definition video output in multiple video protocols and distributes it to multiple destinations across platforms and devices. Host up to 6 guests from across the globe in a single broadcast and manage guest appearances remotely.

Cloud News Platform

This is your perfect newsroom solution to run 24X7 live news channels for TV platforms and OTT services.

Along with transmission, Janya monitors and manages live channel production capabilities for live production, video clipping, editing, publishing, distribution, and monetization. Janya’s vast experience in streaming and playout automation helps broadcasters to sit back, relax and reach a wider audience. 

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